The Practice Abstracts (PAs) listed in the catalogue are the innovations and good practices identified and validated by BovINE partners between 2020-2022 for direct use by beef farmers across Europe and beyond. The PAs contained in the catalogue are a ‘mirror copy’ of the entries in the BovINE Knowledge Hub (BKH). The aim of the catalogue is to ensure a separate record of the titles and content generated by BovINE to share offline.

The catalogue has been organised according to the four key themes utilised by the BovINE project – Environmental Sustainability, Production Efficiency and Meat Quality, Socioeconomic Resilience, Animal Health and Welfare.

Each theme has been organised by topic area and then alphabetically, according to the first word of the title of the ‘on farm’ PA as it appears on the BKH. All of the PAs have been annotated with extra information provided by a ‘Key’ explained on page 2 to show the characteristics of each PA. Each entry of the PAs provides a direct link to the online BKH where the full abstract can be viewed.

Catalogue of 'on farm' Practice Abstracts

This catalogue has been organised according to the four BovINE themes as detailed below.


  1. Environmental Sustainability
  2. Production Efficiency and Meat Quality
  3. Socioeconomic Resilience
  4. Animal Health and Welfare

Key - Each practice abstract has been annotated with one or more of these items:

  1. EIP = EIP AGRI Submitted
  2. GP = Good Practice
  3. RI = Research Innovation
  4. D = Demonstrated ‘on farm’
  5. CBA = Cost Benefit Analysis available
  6. W = Webinar available on this top

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