Introduction to the challenge addressed

Unicarve in collaboration with the private feed mix producer Trouw Nutrition and CRPA, the Research Centre on Animal Production, worked on the creation of an application for smartphone or personal computer, to calculate the cost of production their activity, through the elaboration of data inserted by each operator in the app. The app is made available to all cattle farmers who have made a request for using it.


Description of Innovation

Accessing a software that works on smartphones or PC, farmers can input several data related to the characteristics of their management in the production of beef animals. The data concern economic parameters (mortgages, labour costs…), feeding costs, management of animals (veterinary, rearing materials such as straw for bedding…), animal characteristics (genetic type, gender, weight at arrival and planned at end of cycle). When all data are inserted, the app produces the results of the economic efficiency of the farmers’ activity.


Impact on farm performance

Many famers don't have a software to monitor production parameters and this tool is easily accessible, even without the need of a PC. Monitoring of the costs of production of the farm activity can evidence weaknesses of the production system, excess of expenses in some area of the management and gives the possibility to  make choices for improvements. It is a tool with allows to understand if the farm Is well  performing technically and economically on the market.



Audio-visual material


The app with all its tables where data can be inputted

An example of a table 






Farmer comment (for Good Practices)

Farmers are approaching the tool with interest and often contacts the consultants of Unicarve to discuss some data or to ask for advices. The app is appreciated and considered very useful to them.


Further information

The app is available in the association web site:

Author: Alessandro Mazzenga of Unicarve