The dynamic simulation model NODRIZA is able to assess the technical and economic performance as well as the associated risks of different feeding, herd management, and animal reproduction of beef cattle farms in the sort and long term.

The model can be addapted to different environmental and social situations. 

The following technical and economic indicators can be calculated for the beef cattle farms: 

Production (Weaned calvesa, Calving days per year, Length of fattening), Labour (Total labour, Grazing management (h), Feeding in-door (h), Calving supervision (h)), Duration of winter supplementation and utilisation of diverse pasture resources (Winter supplementation (d), Supra-forest pastures (d), Valley meadows (d), Forest pastures (d)), Economics (Incomes from weaned calves (€), Feedstuff cost until weaning (€), Labour costs until weaning (€)),Economic margin cow–calf farms (€) (Mean, Annual, Incomes from finished calves (€), Additional finishing cost (including labour) (€)), and Econ. margin cow–calf/finishing farms (€) (Mean , Annual SD)

Source: University of Zaragoza, CITA Rea

Author: Irene Perez Ibarra