UV disinfection of rainwater in Belgium

Introduction to the challenge addressed

On beef farms, water is used:

  • as drinking water for the animals;
  • for the preparation of milk from milkpowder
  • for cleaning stables, machines and equipment.

It is becoming     difficult to obtain a permit for pumping up groundwater. Moreover, tap water is quite expensive.

Description of Innovation

 The collection of rainwater is an obligation on most farms. To use this water as drinking water, the quality must meet the drinking water standards for animals. After a water analysis, one knows whether the quality is sufficient. By using a UV filter, the water can be disinfected so that it is safe to administer to the cattle. It is important to have this installation and it needs to be installed by an expert company.

Impact on farm performance

The beef farmer can save on his water bill, but in order to achieve this objective he has to invest in rainwater collection. The more water will be collected, the higher this investment will be, but it also allows him to compensate for his peak consumption. In the future, this will be the only option for the animals' drinking water, because permits for groundwater are refused or restricted in certain regions. 

Audio-visual material



The special UV lamp has a killing effect on bacteria.


Farmer comment (for Good Practices)

“We are satisfied with the UV-system we have chosen. The water is regularly analysed and it meets the standards for bovine drinking water. If we should buy drinking water of the company for our animals, it would be too expensive”


Further information


https://lv.vlaanderen.be/nl/voorlichting-info/publicaties/praktijkgidsen/water/duurzaam-watergebruik-de-vleesvee-enGive details of where further information can be obtained such as websites, articles or publications.