Introduction to the challenge being addressed

Initiatives to improve the image of beef and promote its sustainable consumption. Implemented on a beef farm, Masovia region, Poland.

Description of the innovation

The Quality Meat Programme, due to its new standards, improves the image of beef farming in the views of both the market and the consumers. Farmers implemented several changes on their farms and provide data, which feed into  a traceability systems. The programme is characterised by barns with outside cattle runs, continuous cooperation with veterinarians regarding animal welfare and the reduction of antibiotic usage and monitoring of GHG focused on a 15% GHG reduction over five years. These data are provided directly to third party entities in beef value chain. The farmer needs to invest in the modernization of cowsheds and in the production plan and he also needs to cooperate closely with veterinarians.

Impact on farm performance

At the beginning the farmer needed to change their production plan and the designs of their cowsheds, which had a relevant impact on production costs. At the end, however, the farmer receives higher payments for cattle, as they are produced under the conditions expected by both the market and consumers. Finally, the farmer has less losses of cattle and better culinary meat quality, due to stress reduction, animal welfare improvement, and GHG monitoring with a beneficial environmental impact.

Farmer’s comment (for Good Practices)

Tomasz: “It was a big step for me and my beef farm. I had to calculate everything, find a balance between investments and possible profits. I also needed to cooperate and listen carefully to veterinarians and specialist on GHG emissions from cattle. After few months, it gave me better results than I expected”

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Quality Meat Programme