Nowadays, there is a growing concern with the characteristics of the products we consume, in terms of quality, food safety and production methods. 

Therefore, quality management takes on an important role and is currently a strategic factor for the survival of companies in any sector including the agribusiness sector. This takes particular relevance in supply chains where food scandals occurred leading to a loss of consumer confidence in the safety and quality of many food products. 

Quality management involves taking account the requirements of internal and external customers and the consumer requirements too. Nevertheless, the quality term has different even contradictory meanings for different agents of the supply chain, existing a lack of knowledge about the quality concept of consumer. 


This subject was the central theme of a research paper, whose aim was to analyse consumer attributes of beef quality from the industry and the consumer point of view. From consumers we analyse motivation of purchasing beef, factors for achieving quality beef and factors for assessing quality. To know the motivations of consumers for purchasing beef and the attributes of beef quality from the point of view of the industry and the consumers, a survey was used as a research method.

It is possible to name some factors that should be considered for further trials or implementations of this innovation as the existence of important differences between the attributes of beef quality between consumers and producers.

Concluding, this innovation emerges to equalize the point of view of consumers and producers about beef quality, to create a quality standard along the whole supply chain that promotes consumer confidence on beef products.                                                                                                                                 

Literature source: Academic literature /peer reviewed paper: INFORMACIÓN TÉCNICA ECONÓMICA AGRARIA (