Farm “Van Het Lindeveld”  on National TV ( Belgium)

Selling through the short chain gives the farmer a fair price. In Belgium a lot of farmers are selling products produced on the  farm. The Covid period gave a boost to the short chain.

During the corona period, the idea grew on farm " Van het Lindeveld" in Belgium to reorganize home sales. Through a drive -in circuit the customers can collect the meat by car after a drive along the farm and through the stables. Belgian Blue beef and Angus beef from the own farm are offered, together with a number of other products from fellow farmers (potatoes, vegetables) . 

The farm meanwhile also offers an overnight stay " into the wild" camping among the cows. 

This short chain allows the farmer to charge a fair price for his cattle. 

Once a week, people can pick up their order. Extra help is needed during the selling time, though. A good relationship with the customer is important for a customer to come back. A clean farm is necessary. 

Our products are fair, sustainable, respectful, user-friendly and fresh. It is a  product of the whole family.

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