During the first round of BovINE one of the research innovations proposed was to use infrared thermography (IR) for diagnosis of lameness (see https://hub.bovine-eu.net). This technique was than demonstrated in Germany and in Belgium. In Germany the demonstration took place on commercial beef farms. In one case the bulls have been photographed in the stable. On the second farm the pictures were taken during the weighing of new bulls with the possibility to separate individual animals. Additionally, there was the possibility to compare a professional infrared camera with an infrared system for a smartphone. Depending on the local conditions and the results of the images, different opinions arose from the farmers, which are presented in the following two videos.

Click on the pictures to see the videos.

With the infrared thermography it is possible to diagnose lameness or to clarify a suspicion. Decisions regarding the treatability / consultation of a veterinarian can also be substantiated. A problem that arises is always the necessary short distance to the animal. Best conditions for IR application: Animal on flat floor (not on straw), max. 2 m distance to the animal, free field of view, the use of crates for temporarily separated animals. Other fields of use for infrared thermography on the farm are checking the fill level of the biogas plant and determining whether the silage has rewarmed.