With the satellite imagery analysis tool, 'SatAgro', field data collection is made easy through the use of services available from, NASA, the European Space Agency and private satellite operators. The tool can processes individual field data and send it to the operator in an easy-to-understand format, through a software app. Farmers can monitor their crops’ development in near real-time, observe the effects of weather events and agronomic treatments and use historical data to improve decision-making. Custom-built variable-rate prescription maps allow the farmer to sow, fertilise and spray with unprecedented precision thereby reducing their use of agrochemicals. Automated alarms will warn the farmer about sudden changes in crop condition and weather. As manure management is important regarding nitrogen limitation rules within the EU, SatAgro ad-hoc imaginery analysis, allows farmers know where manure should be applied. Results are presented in graphics (similar to weather forecast) and data can be implemented in precision farming machinery.