RolnikON is a farm production management system in cloud technology, so it can be opened from anywhere. RolnikON is an innovative software for farmers. The aim of which is to effectively manage crops, stock management, livestock, finances, energy use and labour. It was created to increase the efficiency of their agricultural activities in a simple and fun way. Transparent appearance and intuitive solutions make every user perfectly cope with the operation of this system, even without training in the field of operation.

It has been prepared especially for cattle breeders. Thanks to it, you will be able to easily plan the nutrition as well as meat production of your herd. The module allows you to add cows to the herd, store information about them, automatically fill in all the most important ARMA forms and track cattle reproduction. The breeding module also includes a calculator that calculates the optimal feed ration for cattle with selected parameters. The economic section allows you to track the efficiency of cattle in tabular and graphic form. It has also keeping a Cattle Registration Book. 

The main challenge of this good practice was to reduce labour force and improve the efficiency of feeding and the economic planning of the farm.

The opportunity of RolniKON is to use statistical and economic data of the whole herd and of each single animal with possible reports and analysis. The main challenge has been on-farm training with many data to be inserted in the system. A success factor was to learn to evaluate the reports and the outcome of the analyses.

With RolniKON you obtain a better integration with the RFID eartags. With this decision support tool you are able to increase the economic efficiency of cattle production.

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Author: Jerzy Wierzbicki - Polish Association of Beef Producers