Provacuno, the Interprofessional Organization of Beef and Veal, has launched the #FansdelVacuno campaign whose objective is to highlight the value of the beef sector in our country, as well as to promote the consumption of Spanish beef, and to publicize the sector's compliance with the most demanding global standards in terms of sustainability, animal welfare, animal health and food safety. The campaign is aimed at beef lovers to contribute to their balanced diet and being healthier and stronger. The Spanish Beef Interprofessional Organization, Provacuno, has obtained the approval of the European Union to launch What Wonderful Beef 2.0, an information and promotion plan for Spanish beef in third countries. This action has led to an increase in exports and in the recognition of beef from our country in the world. This project is part of the EU strategy for the promotion of quality agri-food products "Enjoy, it's from Europe". The main benefits are to improve beef image and promote beef consumption. The main challenges were to reach consumers and overcome the barriers that contribute in the lower appeal of beef. The key success factors for implementation are to generate attractive materials and enhance their dissemination on social networks and the media. Three main lessons learned for implementation are: 

1. It is important to highlight the work carried out by farmers, demystifying the negative vision that surrounds the meat sector 

 2. Consuming meat in a responsible and sustainable way is essential for our health 

 3. In Spain we comply with all the animal welfare and environmental protection requirements related to the beef sector, it is crucial to communicate this to consumers.

Impact on farm performance

 On socio-economic resilienIce: It has no additional cost for the farmers, campaign funded by Provacuno. It contributes to promote beef consumption, which increases farmers’ revenues.

On environmental sustainability: the campaign promotes national beef consumption, which can contribute to reduce the COemission associated to foreign meat importations.

Audio-visual material