The farm video surveillance is an efficient housing systems that reduce the need for excessive handling of animals, and reduce the level of stress on both the animal and the operator.

By watching the animals at a distance, farmers can act faster if something happens. For example, during the calving season they can save calves and cows in time if difficult deliveries occurs. Farmers can also monitor unauthorized activity on the farm, such as at the diesel tank. FarmCam HD allows to connect up to 4 cameras with night-vision, motion-detection and it records both video and sound, and sends notifications and alarms directly to the smartphone or PC if it detects movement outside working hours. FarmCam HD includes a fully water-proof camera with rugged design that is built to last.

The camera monitors the animals, the signal is transmitted through the cable to the outdoor antenna. The signal is sent wirelessly to the office/home. The receiver receives the signal through its outdoor antenna connected with cable. By connecting the receiver to an internet router farmers can see their animals wherever they go, using any smartphone, tablet or computer connected to the internet.

The main benefits are time saving, increases security and it contributes to improve animal welfare. The main challenges were outdoor antennas location: 1250 m maximum range at free line of sight. The key success factors for implementation are farmers’ familiarity with digital tools and technologies

Three main lessons learned for implementation are: 

1. Farmers can see everything that happens on their farms in real time by means of smartphone or tablet,

 2. The system consists of robust HD cameras with motion detectors and alarm and recording features, easy to install and can be tailored to the farm’s needs and conditions, 

3. It is also possible to monitor critical processes such as calving and to immediately be alerted if movement is detected outside working hours.

Impact on socio-economic resilience

System cost: 500 euros (1 camera), extra camera: 200 euros.

System benefits: the earlier you can detect and correct a discrepancy, the smaller the risk of costly downtime or unwanted thefts; saves time by allowing you to always keep track of critical operations via a smartphone or tablet no matter where you are or the time of day; increases efficiency by reducing the risk of unwanted downtime and interruptions; farmers will feel more secure.

Impact on health and welfare

Contributes to improved animal welfare because you can always follow what happens e.g. in connection with calving and acting early and in consequence.

Impact on production efficiency and meat quality

Labour time per animal can be reduced, because of remote control.

Impact on environmental sustainability

Emissions can be reduced (less farm trips) and it reduces the risk of environmental effects because farmers can immediately see when something goes wrong.


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