Introduction to the challenge addressed

Since 2014, professionals in the Livestock and Meat sector, from the breeder to the artisan butcher, open their doors the last week of May, under the name of "MADE in VIANDE" Meetings, which are held everywhere in France.

 Description of the Good Practice.

“MADE in VIANDE” is the opportunity to show the public that professionals of the sector mobilize each day to feed millions of citizens closest to their homes and produce responsible and sustainable quality French meat. It's an entire industry that also helps to preserve the wealth and diversity of our landscapes. “MADE in VIANDE” is also the opportunity for unique visits, meetings and discovery of a sector that is recruiting.  

The program of these "MADE IN VIANDE" meetings foresees guided tours, farm demonstrations around their activities, educational workshops, tastings etc. Each year, there are nearly one thousand open door events throughout the country. 

For the 2021 edition more than 500 professionals in the Livestock and Meat sector are opening their doors throughout the country to answer questions of French consumers and citizens about breeding and meat production. It is an opportunity for the producers to show their practices to the wider public in favour of quality, responsible and sustainable meat through 4 priority commitments: 

  1. the preservation of the environment 
  2. animal welfare, protection and health 
  3. fair remuneration for players in the sector and attractiveness of the professions 
  4. quality, reasoned and sustainable food 

Impact on farm performance

It is a good way to have consumers coming back by promoting direct sales on farm.

Audio-visual material 


Farmer comment

For farmers, it is a showcase, to show all the good practices carried out with animals. 

For example, in 2021, Eric, a cattle breeder in Vendée, is committed to the maintenance of meadows by animals and the preservation of biodiversity. The aim is to produce quality meat and to help develop the biodiversity of the meadows by browsing the grass. 

During the MADE in VIANDE Meetings, Eric presents his farm to visitors as well as the advantages of breeding, to preserve biodiversity 

Eric says: "Today the consumer has a lot of information, but at some point you have to explain to him exactly how the meat is made. 

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