In order to promote beef consumption against the current downward trend, marketing plays an important role in beef cattle production, ensuring a dynamic harmony between consumers, producers and distributors that seek to achieve greater promotion of beef meat. 

Marketing in beef cattle production is essential to shape consumer habits, since many meat consumers have little knowledge about how the animals are produced. Marketing cannot depend only on brand advertising, and it is essential to sell a concept that involves not only the animal, but also the whole context in which it is inserted. Therefore, it is important to value meat taking into account the different qualities and particularities of each region where it is produced. On the other hand, the commercialization of beef and veal in large volumes, as a commodity becomes a problem, in the sense that consumers are increasingly looking for differentiated and safe meat produced sustainably and respecting the environment. In Brazil, ABIEC (Brazilian Association of Meat Exporting Industries) has created a marketing program called "BrazilianBeef", with the intention of strengthening the image of national beef abroad, so that consumers can associate the final product, the meat, with a desired production ideal. This type of initiative promotes consumption by simply passing on ideas that convey a message to consumers, which promotes transparency regarding the supply chain.

The current downward trend in beef consumption lead to this project in 2001: the Brazilian Beef project. This project is a partnership between Apex-Brasil and ABIEC, aiming to strengthen the image of Brazilian beef, improving the perception of its quality in importing countries and thus increasing the Brazilian share in the global beef market. In 18 years, nine projects have already been signed, with investments of over 8 million € and export growth of more than 500%. This project aims to promote transparency in the beef production chain to consumers, also allowing a benefit to those producers who make the greatest efforts to produce a high quality (be it in organoleptic terms or in terms of environmental sustainability) and differentiated meat.

Promoting the concept of a healthy, safe, sustainable meat with enough expression in the market has made its consumption more frequent through the transparency of the entire production process presented to consumers in importing countries. The fact that Brazil is one of the world's main beef producers, as well as an assiduous beef consumer, has also had a positive impact on the implementation of this good practice.

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