Utilization of precision irrigation on crop for animal feeding (corn) to reduce water use and energy.

Use of removable irrigation systems with lines that follow the arrangement of the cultivation and distribute the water at the base of plants. The tubes are placed by the farmer when needed and a pump activated by diesel engines gives the pressure for the distribution.

The farmer according to the climate condition installs disposable light tubes which are placed in the space between corn crops.

The use of water is markedly reduced compared to the traditional high pressure sprinklers and the system needs less power to distribute the water with reduction of fuel.

The system takes time to install the tubes and the tubes are disposable so they must be replaced every year, with costs and production of wastes. Also the tubes must be monitored to avoid points of leak.

Immediate results of using less water and fuel.


- Socio- economic resilience: Reduction in costs for water and fuel consumed
- Animal health and welfare:
- Production efficiency and meat quality:
- Environmental sustainability:
Reduction of water and fuel quantity