The aim was genetic improvement without the use of AI and / or reproductive hormones as well as the selection of more fertile females and monitoring animal health and welfare in real time. After a search for different monitoring solutions, the Allflex SenseHub eartags were chosen.

In a herd of 100 Aberdeen-Angus cows, purebred, grass fed (extensive) the implementation of the system took one week. The artificial intelligence based system uses complex algorithms based on the activity, food intake and rumination for generating reproduction, health and welfare information. It is possible to monitor real time data on level of individual animals or on group level.
The system generates alerts of discomfort like heat stress, peripartum time or difficulties, allowing the farmer to take preventive measures to restore the animal physiological equilibrium or prevent dystocia problems. On the other hand, the system gives alerts about cows on natural heat allowing artificial insemination or effective controlling of the bulls reproductive behavior. The SenseHub Allflex system is a valuable management tool for beef farmers increasing productivity and genetic improvement.
The system allows great competitive advantage on genetic improvement. The reproductive cycle of each cow is monitored and we are able to choose specific pairings. With the SenseHub Allflex system, we can also have a better management of our agenda, generating significant spare time because attention is given to those specific animals that really need it. However, it requires training to understand the data generated by the system and a great deal of attention is needed to manage and process the data collected. The SenseHub Allflex was initially developed for dairy cattle.

It is impossible to identify all cows in heat with this accuracy without a system like this.


 This Good Practice has an Impact on:

  • Socio-economic resilience: more calves with this reproductive technology.
  • Animal health and welfare: The number of clinical and surgical actions taken by the farm veterinary was reduced. The key welfare performance indicators were increased being at moment close to 100%. That was possible with just in time corrective management actions.
  • Production efficiency and meat quality: In what the herd fertility is concerned the implementation of SenseHub Allflex system, increased the gestation annual index from 87% to 92%. With this system the less efficient animals are quickly identified.