3-Nitrooxypropanol (3-NOP) is a feed additive that blocks the forming of CH4 in the rumen. The additive can be added both via the concentrate or the roughage. 60-100 ppm / kg DMI (per cow per day) of the 3-NOP additive can result in a CH4 reduction of 20-40%. It increases the carbon footprint of the feed, but it decreases the total carbon footprint of milk (on average 10% reduction). There is also no carbon leakage, so nomitigation of the carbon to other sectors. Next to decreasing to carbon footprint, the additive will also increase the production efficiency. It can be applied in all countries, but it is difficult in pasture based systems and not approved in organic systems.

The additive is made by the compagny DSM. Many trials were done, but mainly on dairy cattle. The additive is pending approval to go to the market. In first instance, it can only be used in dairy cattle. When other sectors (like beef and calves) are also interested, the application in those sectors can be finalized.

A document with all trials done is available via the following link: