We demonstrated a quick scan for a lung ultrasound on the Goderis CowCompany farm. Additionally, we gave a workshop on general health, diagnostic test and the financial impact related to calf health. The Goderis CowCompany is a farm with several fattening animals, suckler cows and calves.

The scan gives reliable and quick results on lung health of the calves; trained veterinarians can perform many scans during half a day, making this an efficient tool for possible lung problems in calves. However, the veterinarian should be trained to be able to do the scan. Within the framework of the PneumoNEE project, several workshops and training sessions were organised. Veterinarians who attended these training sessions received a certificate indicating that they are qualified to interpret the scans well.

(The first picture shows a healthy lung on the left and an unhealthy lung on the right - The second picture shows how a scan is performed and was taken during the demonstration - The third picture shows the healthy lungs of the calf during the demonstration - The horizontal white lines are seen in healthy lungs)

The veterinarians can decide how they want to implement this. (e.g. during the PneumoNEE project €100 was charged for a scan). In practice, some veterinarians want to put it in the company guidance. Others use it as a separate visit and charge per item.

As this is a reliable tool to have a quick overview of lung problems in your barn, it is recommended. Various veterinarians are already trained to be able to perform this quick scan.

The scans may reveal that calves showing no obvious symptoms may have heavily affected lungs. Performing a quick lung scan will help to decide which animals should be treated and may prevent decreased growth rates, or even deaths. Pneumonia on ultrasound = economic loss