Author: A. Külvet

Cows on pasture Photo: A. Külvet

On the farm, difficulties with calving were a problem; the solution lies in the use of natural conditions. The semi-natural and natural pastures available in Estonia are rather unsuitable for young stock and suckler cows. The naturally occurring plants have low contents of protein and energy.

However, if the pregnant animals spend the grazing period (in Estonia beginning May 15th) on these natural pastures and move off the natural pastures at the end of September, the animals will not be too heavy when calving in early October. For Limousine and Simmental cattle, there is no need for (Veterinarian) assistance during calving and healthy calves are born.

This good practice is only possible with calving in autumn.

This Good Practice has an Impact on:

  1. Animal health and welfare: Decrease in calving difficulties; decreased veterinary costs
  2. Production efficiency and meat quality: The fertility of the herd is higher if there are less difficult calvings