The feedback of the correct slaughter data to the livestock farmer ensures greater transparency in the chain.

IVB is an interprofessional organisation in Belgium made up of meat farmers, the trade and slaughterhouses. It is responsible for forwarding the correct slaughter data to the livestock farmers.

The farmer can use this knowledge to evaluate his management. Is the conformation OK ? Are my bulls fat enough? What is the daily growth of my bulls? 

 For each animal slaughtered in a Belgian slaughterhouse, the owner pays an IVB contribution and receives the slaughter data by e-mail.  

These data can be requested daily, weekly or monthly. The data that are sent per animal are : 

- presentation

- name of the slaughterhouse

- category : SEUROP

- fat degree : 1-5

- carcass weight (warm)

-carcass weight ( cold ) : warm -2%

- carcass growth of young bulls (-24 month) : gram growth/day from birth to slaughter

-eventual remarks 

The information from the slaughtered animals are send to the farmer. In te economic bookkeeping system FOCUS , the farmer can see the information of a whole year . 

Bulls : number , weight warm, age, carcass growth per day 

Cows : number , weight warm , age 

further information :