Introduction to the challenge addressed

The scanning systems for use on animals on the farm or on carcasses at the slaughterhouse, are of some logistical complexity in their use, despite being portable. The need for a more practical system that is also reliable, with more flexible and practical use is important for the vulgarization of the classification of carcasses in the slaughterhouse for their quality and for the quality of the meat.


Description of Good Practice / Innovation

Masterbeef is an integrated solution for the producer, the slaughterhouses and all other players in the beef production network, who are interested in enhancing the value of the final product according to its quality. This tool is recent and originated in Australia, where its use has grown a lot in the last two years. At the moment there are still no records of its use in Europe, but access to its use is easy and direct by contacting the company that created this system.

This tool includes an App that collects images of the carcass using a cell phone, an online access platform to archive, analyse and observe the results obtained.

In summary, the system the system is organized into three major areas:

  1. Data Collection
  2. Data Integration
  3. Analyse and report


Data Collection

Accurate data collection is the first and most important step to attaining data-driven business decision making. Livestock data is collected in many different ways and is really important the use of all "best of breed" supply chain digital recording systems. In conjunction with the online data platform, Masterbeef has one carcase assessment app to collect data at abattoirs.


Data Integration

Good quality livestock data is constantly being collected and generated by producers, government agencies, feedlots, abattoirs and countless third-parties. This data is disparate and comes in all shapes and sizes making it difficult to manage and collate. Masterbeef removes these complexities by providing an industry standard secure data integration service that can be customised to handle any data source.


Analyse and report

Quality data analytics requires clean, accurate and structured data. The manual process of preparing your data for analysis is extremely time consuming and repetitive. Masterbeef automatically links your data and transforms it making analysis simple and reliable. Your data is always available and no manual handling is required.




Impact on farm performance

With this tool a slaughterhouse that does not already do so, will be able to implement data collection on carcass and meat quality, which will have a positive impact on the performance of farms that already include these traits in their selection plan.







Audio-visual material

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Farmer comment (for Good Practices)

João Diogo, Aberdeen-Angus producer, says that the possibility of using a tool of this kind in the slaughterhouse, which seems to be easy to use and has a very good degree of accuracy in the data collected, could be an important added value for us, since we can compare and analyse the information about the final product (the meat) with the data obtained through Breedplan with the data collected for the same parameters in the animals before slaughter.

With the information collected that will allow the output of reports on the results obtained for a particular farm, it becomes objective to understand if the course is being the best or is it necessary to make some changes in the production plan.


Further information